Oregon State “Flash Fair”

Oregon State “Flash Fair”

The Task

Kick off fair ticket sales early in the season, while driving overall awareness and interest in the fair, especially amongst younger audiences, and those in the Portland metropolitan market.

The Idea

Bring a fun-sized version of the fair  to Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, complete with mini marching band, fair foods, midway carnival games, buskers, animals, and a charity celebrity pie-eating contest. Boost ticket sales during the event with a special “Flash Sale” on tickets.

The Outcome

Pioneer Square filled with a steady flow of visitors during the lunchtime event, who shared the event via social media. Media coverage alone reached nearly three million people, and 8,000 tickets (equal to $160,000 of revenue) sold in 12 hours. To date, the fair has not seen this many ticket sales take place so early in the season.